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јвтор:  V.I.Voropaev, S.M. Lyubkin, D. Golenko-Ginzburg
Ќазвание:  Decision-making models for generalized alternative stochastic networks
—татус:  опубликовано
√од:  1999
“ип публикации:  стать€
Ќазвание журнала или конференции:  Automation and remote control
Ќомер (том) журнала:  10
ѕолна€ библиографическа€ ссылка:  V.I.Voropaev, S.M. Lyubkin, D. Golenko-Ginzburg. Decision-making models for generalized alternative stochastic networks // Automation and remote control, 1999, 10, pp. 1484-1490.
јннотаци€:  A new type of cyclic stochastic alternative time-oriented model (SATM) is suggested which makes it possible to account for both a wide range of relations between tasks (activities) and nodes (events) and the multialternative character of branching directions (lines) of implementation of a project. The available random actions, conditions, and noise find wide use in a network model. A general approach and a procedure are worked up for finding optimal solutions on the SATM. Decisions are made at deterministic (controllable) branching points (nodes), for which the choice of the direction of implementation of a project is taken by the manager of the projact (stochastic branchings are not controllable). A quasioptimal solution is found which lies in the reduction of the SATM network deterministic branchings. For networks of the GAAN type, the solution of the problem for the choice of an optimal admissible version is known. On executing the available algorithm for defining an optimal version, we perform the inverse transformation of the obtained optimal subnetwork into a network of the SATM type. The derived results enable us to make an optimal decision in the course of the development of network projects of the most common type.
ћетод моделировани€:  ƒискретна€ математика
ѕредметные области и задачи управлени€:  ”правление проектами

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