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јвтор:  Aström K.J., Murray R.M.
Ќазвание:  Feedback systems: an introduction for scientists and engineers
—татус:  опубликовано
»здательство (дл€ книг и брошюр):  Princeton University Press
√од:  2010
“ип публикации:  книга
ѕолна€ библиографическа€ ссылка:  Aström K. J., Murray R. M. Feedback systems: an introduction for scientists and engineers. Ц Princeton: Princeton university press, 2010. - 408 p.
јннотаци€:  This book provides an introduction to the basic principles and tools for the design and analysis of feedback systems. It is intended to serve a diverse audience of scientists and engineers who are interested in understanding and utilizing feedback in physical, biological, information and social systems. We have attempted to keep the mathematical prerequisites to a minimum while being careful not to sacrifice rigor in the process. We have also attempted to make use of examples from a variety
of disciplines, illustrating the generality of many of the tools while at the same time showing how they can be applied in specific application domains.
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